Filmsticks All Weather Clapperboard 3pc Bundle Kits, USA Layout - NANO

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  • A big offer on a small product! Receive 3 Clapperboard NANO kits in this special bundle. Including Acrylic boards, Clappersticks, protective sleeves and tape. 
  • A BRAND NEW addition to the Filmsticks family of clapper sticks is our Clapperboard Nano! While incredibly small and cute in its form factor, the Nano sticks are still made up of the exact same precision and engineering that goes into our regular products, with the primary application being for macro/extreme close up shots. Perfect for that BIG scene using a small camera, like an iPhone® or Android! Or, just carry it around for fun!
  • Industry standard All Weather Sticks and Acrylic Boards make up our Clapperboard, which have been used for a many years in the UK Film market.Made from ABS Resin, making it durable in all types of weather.  
  • 3.5mm insert for the board/slate, Filmsticks Clappersticks can accept boards/slates with slightly different thickness.  
  • Design, with a Tongue and Groove insert to allow for gripping marking tape when measuring distance, prevents light from coming through the sticks when in a closed position, and reduces side wobble on the sticks.
  • Clapperboard Kits Nano: 76mm (3") x 70.00mm (2.76")
  • Acrylic board features a layout popular within the USA film market