Medicare Premier Box of 50 4-PLY, Non-woven, Type IIR, Disposable Protective Face Masks - Black

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Introducing a single use, 4-PLY Type IIR face masks, with filter layer. Complies to a filtering efficiency of 98% and is splash resistant from fluids.

  • These masks are an upgraded version of 3-Ply face masks. Wearing a 4-PLY masks helps prevent the spreading of respiratory droplets.

  • Our 4-Ply disposable face mask is designed with 4 layers, black elastic bands and a metal nose bar to offer protection and soft, breathable material to provide a comfortable fit.

  • This box of masks contains 50pcs of black face masks, perfect for high demand environments such as TV and Film sets where single use masks are disposed of frequently

  • All of our masks have been SGS tested and are CE and ISO Certified