Filmsticks All Weather Clapper Sticks

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  • Industry leading All Weather clapper sticks
  • Made from ABS Resin, making the clapper sticks durable in all types of weather
  • 3.5mm insert for the board/slate, Filmsticks Clapper sticks can accept boards/slates with slightly different thickness.  
  • Designed with a tongue and groove insert to allow for gripping marking tape when measuring distance, prevents light from coming through the sticks when in a closed position, and reduces side to side shifting on the sticks.
  • Buying in the EU? Please visit our partner Prisma
  • ClapperSticks Medium - 11" long
  • ClapperSticks Small - 7" long
  • ClapperSticks Tiny - 6" long
  • ClapperSticks Nano - 3" long