• The Benefits of a Clapperboard

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What is a Clapperboard?

About Filmsticks

Filmsticks designs and manufactures the highest quality Clapperboard Sticks, Slates and accessories for the Film Industry. Our line of lightweight, Resin Sticks have been dubbed a game changer by professional Camera Assistants. Filmsticks Resin Sticks were created by established Clapper Loaders and have been developed over years of testing on the world’s most influential film sets. They have rapidly become the professional Camera Assistant’s first choice and will likely soon replace outdated wooden versions. 

The benefits of resin over wood are numerous. Filmsticks are lighter and more streamline than wooden versions. They are significantly more hard wearing. They have no reaction to water which can warp the shape and dull the sound of wooden sticks. 

Most importantly, Filmsticks deliver a clear, consistence clap for audio sync every time. Every Camera Assistant has experienced that frustrating moment when wooden sticks fail to perform during a ‘soft sticks’ clap. Having to call ‘second sticks’ before clapping again. This might seem insignificant to those not in the know but us Camera Assistants know how ‘second sticks’ affects the concentration of the actor, director and the atmosphere in that moment on set. All the things we work so hard to avoid and yet we’re let down so many times by our most used tool. Well, Filmsticks will always create a sound even during the softest clap. 

In addition to our revolutionary Resin Sticks, Filmsticks have gone a step further in designing a professional grade Slate with a tailor made protective sleeve in order to supply a budding Camera Assistant, Filmmaker or Camera Department Professional with everything they need to make up the most important tool in their kitbag.

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Clear, consistent sound in all weather conditions. Lightweight and compact, stripes both sides mean they're reversible for better control when slating from awkward positions. The quick draw cover protects my slate without taking up space in my kitbag. Hard wearing, smart appearance and will always create sound even during soft sticks slating

Becky Lee - Freelance 2nd Assistant Camera

Corporate Event Gifts, Event Displays and Special Presentation Clapperboard

Clapperboards are famously known all over the world, so much so, many businesses and customers buy them for display, gifts, awards for work colleagues or promotional items at screenings. Whatever the reason, please get in touch for a personalised quote.

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We also partner with Forty One Thirty, a company who are able to quote on customisation of logos and images onto acrylic boards as seen in the examples below. You can read more about Forty One Thirty below

4130 Photography, Baltic 39, 39 High Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 1EW

M: +44 (0) 7835 412196  E: steve@4130.co.uk

You can see more examples here: http://instagram.com/4130photography

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